movt nr. 8: Prodo

Kopro Beki is a Surinamese tradition in which copper basins, filled with colorfoul cloth and other wares are used to serenade at a diversity of Afro Surinamese cultural and religious events. Inspired by the visual language and cultural heritage of these bassins a contemporary sculpture was created.

movt nr. 7: On Cairo / performance

movt nr. 7: On Cairo (exhibition and performance). Performed at Tropenmuseum Amsterdam as part of the exhibition Monuments for the Furure: conversation between Charl landvreugd and Edgar Cairo. Artist Charl Landvreugd in dialogue with the deceased writer Edgar Cairo What does it mean to be black in the Netherlands today and what has white got…

MOVT nr. 5: La Virginité de l’Europe

year: 2012 size: 200 x 80 x 240 materials: mixed materials context:  Who More Sci-Fi than Us exhibition Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own… Resistance is futile (with) Afro-Futurism (where) Space is the Place (and) Sun Ra (gives birth to) Hype Williams (proclaiming)…

Movt nr. 3

size: 354 x 246 x 212 cm materials: wood and galvanized aluminum context: made during the residency at Tembe Art Studio in Moengo, Surinam for the Marowijne Sculpture Park location: Moengo, Suriname residency reference: ‘Marcel Pinas artist, more than an artist’ Review by Bart Krieger in Dutch: “Wat voelen we? Een groter contrast met de…

Movt nr. 1: Anarusha

narusha; “to propel” in kiswahili’. Anaruka; ‘to fly’ in kiswahili nr.1 to 9′, made in New York City. Special thanks to Chashama