movt nr. 9: Fitting a circle into a square

Commissioned by: Nest for the exhibition History is His Story Gerechtigheid, Vroomheid, Vertrouwen – Justitia, Pietas, Fides – Justice, Piety, Trust Ik zal handhaven – Je maintiendrai – I shall stand firm Sterker door strijd – Stronger through struggle ‘they say that history repeats itselfbut history is only his storyyou haven’t heard my story yetmy…

movt nr. 9: Framing Re-Framing

Het interview dat beeldend werd / The interview that became an image Source: Mister Motley (interview Lienke Hulshof) ‘Het kwaliteitsargument: de valse tegenstelling tussen etniciteit en/of gender en de kwaliteit van het werk’ Objectieve taal bestaat niet, ze is hoe dan ook gevormd door de omgeving waar ze in is groot gebracht of in wordt…

movt nr. 9: Holland Mijn Mars

Commissioned by: Wendelien van Oldenborgh & Lucy Cotter for Cinema Olanda Platform at Witte de With. Costume design by: Marga Weimans Witte de With transformed into an adaptable platform for groups and individuals who have informed Cinema Olanda, artist Wendelien van Oldenborgh and curator Lucy Cotter’s presentation in the Dutch pavilion of the 57th Venice…


The idea for the QUAQU_ KWAKU inhabited exhibition came about through an ongoing discussion on art and its use between Ivette Forster (director of the Kwaku Festival) and artist/researcher Charl Landvreugd The discussion centered on the possibilities of integrating fine art practices into the Kwaku festival. Thinking about the fact that many of the contemporary artists are…


Landvreugd takes the dynamic model of the Krut’krutu (an Afro-Surinamese gathering in which issues of governance (bestuur) and issues of law are brought before the members of society) to focus on linguistic and curatorial strategies surrounding art made by Afro subjects in the Dutch context.

movt nr. 8: Prodo

Kopro Beki is a Surinamese tradition in which copper basins, filled with colorfoul cloth and other wares are used to serenade at a diversity of Afro Surinamese cultural and religious events. Inspired by the visual language and cultural heritage of these bassins a contemporary sculpture was created.

Notes on Imagining Afropea

The title of this article refers to a form of imagining that takes place from a personal and artistic subject position. Imagining, it is assumed, is always a given feature of creativity and inevitably culturally hybrid. In Landvreugd’s practice as an artist, he complements his visual work by exploring a sense of belonging, processes of identification and self-identification, and by positing the significance of his creative endeavours in relation to that of his peers.