31 Jan – Akademie van Kunsten

De Akademie van Kunsten krijgt acht nieuwe leden. De nieuwe leden zijn: Riek Bakker, Krisztina de Châtel, Anthony Heidweiller, Claudy Jongstra, Charl Landvreugd, Nelleke Noordervliet, Fiona Tan en Gwyneth Wentink. Leden van de Akademie van Kunsten zijn vooraanstaande kunstenaars uit de hele breedte van de kunsten.

Akademie van Kunsten
15 Feb – 14 Apr 2019  – History is His Story  – @Nest

Dean Bowen – Crystal Z Campbell – Em’kal Eyongakpa – Charl Landvreugd – Arna Mačkić – Sulaïman Majali – Pieter Paul Pothoven – Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum – Jaro Varga

Exhibition design: Studio L A

they say that history repeats itself

but history is only his story

you haven’t heard my story yet

my story is different from his story

my story is not part of history

because history repeats itself

but my story is endless it never repeats itself

why should it?

– Sun Ra

Opening February 15, 20:00 – 23.00


sept-dec 2018 – Who Do you Think You Are?

Curated by Sabrina Starke and Charl Landvreugd


13 April – 19 May – Who are we again?

Curated by Imke Ruigrok.

Seeing and being seen, while timeless concepts, are especially relevant to this time and age.


Perceptions of identity and humankind are dynamic and ever-changing. They have become fluid notions.

Artists in the exhibition reflect on the human image: How do we look, at ourselves and the other? How do we see and judge? Questions by which a layered, ravishing and sometimes vulnerable image of man comes into existence. Do not expect to meet unambiguous sounds, but rather a diversity of voices.

Artists: Amie Dicke, Berend Strik, Charl Landvreugd, Charlott Markus, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Femmy Otten, Lucas Lenglet, Marlene Dumas, René Bosch, Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen, Sharieta Berghuis en Tyna Adebowale.

9 Sep – 5 Nov 2017 
Yair Callender – Robert Glas – Charl Landvreugd – Barbara Visser – Marga WeimansInitiated and designed by Studio L A.


For the exhibition On Speaking Terms designers Lorien Beijaert and Arna Mačkić of Studio L A have created an experimental exhibition space. The various works of art will be displayed within the walls of Nest but in a new setting, to facilitate seeing things from new perspectives. On Speaking Terms shows art that questions we-them binaries and ‘me against them’ terms of thinking within our society. A temporary arena in the heart of Nest will invite you to form and exchange ideas on new views.

7 October 2017 – PROPOSITIONS FOR NON-FASCIST LIVING – Charl Landvreugd and Wendelien van Oldenborgh

proposition nr 1_landvreugd van oldenborgh

On 7 October 2017 BAK convened Propositions #1: What We Mean, a performative conference that began from an urgency for—and uncertainty about—what living in non-fascist ways could and does mean. The gathering took place in a makeshift environment amid the renovation of BAK’s new venue. Through impromptu artworks, lectures, readings, discussions, screenings, performances, and explorations of the assembly—of being together—as an art form, Propositions #1: What We Mean practiced art as thought and action intervening in the contemporary.

Without any wish to undo difference, contradiction, or distance, artist Charl Landvreugd and artist and BAK 2017–2018 Fellow Wendelien van Oldenborgh generated a discourse through a playful “battle” made of musical and visual interactions, with a wide variety of questions, fragments, and choices from their respective and specific idioms: filmmaking, visual arts, theory. Like Mikhail Bakhtin, the Russian philosopher and critic who coined the term polyphony in literature, has argued, multilingual environments “liberate man by opening up a gap between things and their labels.” Nonequivalence is not a matter for despair, but is rather the impulse to life.

24 March – 23 April 2017 – I SPEAK IN TONGUES

Curated by Katayoun Arian


With works by Caetano, Charl Landvreugd, Marianna Maruyama, Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, Milo van der Maaden, Dorine van Meel, Wendelien van Oldenborgh’s ‘Supposing I love you. And you also love me’ (2011) will be on view during the weekend of the Haarlemse Lente (March 24-26). read more

During the opening of the Haarlemse Lente, I Speak in Tongues will present movt nr.7: On Cairo by Charl Landvreugd.

Thorugh movt nr.7: On Cairo, Charl Landvreugd engages in dialogue with the work of the Surinamese writer and columnist Edgar Cairo (1948-2000), who in the 1970s occupied himself with the topical question ‘How can we co-exist in the Netherlands carrying a colonial migrational background?’

Landvreugd uses parts of Cairo’s first book Temekoe (1969), which revolves around the strained relationship between a father and son. Using a call and response style, a storytelling style typical of West African communities in North and South America, Temekoe tells the story of generational traumas that emerge from the slave history passed on in the Surinamese Creole community. movt nr. 7: On Cairo presents a chorus of four women who react with songs in Sranan, a creole language that is spoken in Suriname, to a narrator who is reading from Temekoe .

This performance is supported bij Riedwijn Import&Export,


18 February – Saturday, 25 March 2017 – Glasgow, Scotland – Transmission Gallery


“One of the most remarkable developments in the Caribbean and its diaspora over the past two decades or so is the emergence of a generation of young visual artists working in various media (paint, film, performance) who have been transforming Caribbean visual practice, perhaps even Caribbean visual culture.

Importantly these younger artists did not grow up in the “aftermaths of sovereignty” so much as in the aftermaths of sovereignty’s aftermaths. They grow up in a context in which the great narratives of sovereignty, once oppositional, once open to the adventure of a future-to-come, have congealed and ossified, and in doing so disclose more and more their own modes of exclusion, marginalization, repression, and intolerance. And as the old anti-systemic movements for social and political change became installed in power in the new states of the region they stultified into new modes of orthodoxy, into their own terrified normativities, anxiously policing the boundaries of identity and community, the expressions of personhood and belonging, of sex and pleasure.

These are precisely themes that preoccupy this younger generation, and that provoke and illuminate the domain we call Caribbean queer visuality.”

David Scott

Director, The Small Axe Project

Outburst Queer Arts Festival – Caribbean Queer Visualities

10 – 19 November 2016 – Belfast – Northern IrelandGolden Thread Gallery

Screen Shot 2015-quality of 21_5

Caribbean Queer Visualities, co-sponsored by the CCSD working group the Digital Black Atlantic Project, reflects on and stimulates the production of creative and critical work that takes seriously the emergence of heterodox personal and public identities, identities that breach or subvert or evade the heteronormativities of colonial and postcolonial modes of being and self-expression. Growing in part out of a concern about the catastrophes of sexual othering, not to say sexual violence, so rampant in the Caribbean, the conference asks whether or to what extent “queer” offers a way of understanding the contemporary in Caribbean visual art practice, and in scholarly considerations of this practice. Why is it imperative for Caribbean cultural workers—intellectuals and artists—to think about the efficacy of “queer”? What might thinking through “queer” illuminate about the contemporary in Caribbean art practice? link

Brighton Photo Biennial – The Dandy Lion Project

Atlantic Transformerz Dakar
Atlantic Transformerz: Faiherbre (2014)

The Dandy Lion Project – Curated by Shantrelle P. Lewis – Date: 1 Oct to 30 Oct – Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm

European premiere

The Dandy Lion Project explores global expressions of the Black Dandy phenomenon against the backdrop of contemporary life. The exhibition presents more than 150 images from over thirty photographers and filmmakers and is curated from an international open call by US curator, Shantrelle P. Lewis. The first comprehensive exhibition of its kind, this project highlights young men in cityscapes, defying stereotypical and monolithic understandings of Black male identity, by adopting Edwardian-era fashion and fusing this with traditional African sartorial sensibilities. Following acclaimed showings at Museum of Contemporary Photography – Chicago and Museum of African Diaspora – San Francisco, this European premiere of The Dandy Lion Project will also include a digital element featuring vintage family and archive images from a special call–out. A book accompanying the exhibition will be published by Aperture in Spring 2017.

Exhibiting photographers include: Hanif Abur-Rahim, Jody Ake, Abdul Aziz, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Rose Callahan, Kia Chenelle, Shawn Escoffery, Adama Delphine Fawundu, Russell K. Frederick, Cassi Amanda Gibson, Allison Janae Hamilton, Akintola Hanif, Harness Hamese, L. Kasimu Harris, Caroline Kaminju, Charl Landvreugd, Jati Lindsay, Devin Mays, Baudouin Mouanda, Terence Nance, Sierra Odessa, Arteh Odjidja, Numa Perrier, Alexis Peskine, Radcliffe Roye, Sara Shamsavari, Daniele Tamagni, Richard Terborg, Adrian O. Walker, Rog Walker. read on

Tent X Tate (collective)

movt nr 8 Pagne installation view
Photo credit: Sander van Wettum
Landvreugd movt nr 8 Pagne 1 of 2
Landvreugd movt nr 8 Pagne 2 of 2
movt nr. 8: Pagne – video installation – 10:00 min – loop – 2016

This summer, TENT and Tate form a unique partnership in a pilot exchange programme for young people and artists. Eight young people from London and Rotterdam will form a collective with four artists from both cities. As part of this intensive programme, participants work collaboratively to presentation reflections of two cities geographic, cultural and creative landscapes. The outcomes will be shown at TENT and at Tate Modern in the form of a series of events. read on

CBK Zuid Oost – Kopro Beki Prodo

te zien in augustus 2016 in het CBK Zuid Oost, Amsterdam


Kunstenaar Charl Landvreugd kreeg van CBK ZO de opdracht om een hedendaagse sculptuur te maken die deze traditie ondersteunt en uitdraagt. Gevoed door verhalen van de dames van de groep maakte hij een hedendaagse Kopre Beki, samengesteld uit een bekken gevuld met blauw-witte doeken, koperen en zilveren blaasinstrumenten en Delfts-blauw keramiek. In het koper zijn ook slang en vissen te ontdekken. De slang staat voor de slagengod Papasneki en de vissen verbeelden overvloed. lees meer

Open Arts Journal – Notes on Imagining Afropea

movt nr 8 late birds


The title of this article refers to a form of imagining that takes place from a personal and artistic subject position. Imagining, it is assumed, is always a given feature of creativity and inevitably culturally hybrid. In Landvreugd’s practice as an artist, he complements his visual work by exploring a sense of belonging, processes of identification and self-identification, and by positing the significance of his creative endeavours in relation to that of his peers. The purpose of this article is to tease out the relevant artistic subject positions that may be taken by artists in a European setting, specifically in the Netherlands. Pushing the boundaries that result from historical circumstances, the discussion shows that turning toward the imagination is a means to explore how distinct cultures are coalescing, in order to model a new artistic environment that lies beyond
an older critical concern with the processes of representation. Dutch artists of the African diaspora, such as Landvreugd, are producing works shaped by different cultural heritages and media cultures. Their creative explorations have resulted in new subjectivities that are diasporic and belong to a wider transatlantic Afro community and yet, at the same time, have a direct bearing on the Netherlands. The changing nature of cultural difference implied in such a process constitutes a field of conceptualisation that may be described under the provisional heading of ‘Afropea’. read more

Prospects & Concepts – Talent Development Grant exhibition – Mondriaan Fund

From 11 until 14 February 2016 the Mondriaan Fund will present the fourth edition of Prospects & Concepts during the international art fair Art Rotterdam at the Van Nellefabriek in Rotterdam. In the exhibition the work of 54 visual artists who received a Talent Development Grant in 2014 will be shown.

Date / Location

Wed 10 February to Sun 14 February / Van Nellefabriek, Van Nelleweg 1, Rotterdam

Prospects & Concepts_LandvreugdCharl

The Mondriaan Fund organizes the exhibition Prospects & Concepts every year in order to boost the visibility of emerging artists. With Art Rotterdam just around the corner, art professionals and collectors, but also a broad group of interested individuals have the opportunity to become acquainted with the work of these promising artists. Moreover, the exhibition is a perfect opportunity to present the work produced thanks, in part, to a contribution from the Mondriaan Fund.

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