movt nr. 9: Fitting a circle into a square

Commissioned by: Nest for the exhibition History is His Story

Gerechtigheid, Vroomheid, Vertrouwen – Justitia, Pietas, Fides – Justice, Piety, Trust

Ik zal handhaven – Je maintiendrai – I shall stand firm

Sterker door strijd – Stronger through struggle

they say that history repeats itself
but history is only his story
you haven’t heard my story yet
my story is different from his story
my story is not part of history
because history repeats itself
but my story is endless it never repeats itself
why should it?’– Sun Ra

Justice Piety Trust – I will maintain – stronger through struggle

This text is the motto of his country of birth (Justice piety trust / Suriname / ethnicity), from where he grew up (I will maintain / The Netherlands/ culture) and the city he lives in (Stronger through struggle/Rotterdam/social). Based on these assumptions about history, Charl invites you to find your own motto.

His personal mythology takes hybridity as point of departure and places questions at the notion of ethnicity as an anchor for culture.

In stead of defining where one comes from, Landvreugd chooses to focus on where one finds oneself at this moment. A current home “movt nr. 9: Fitting a circle into a square” is a continuation of work that he made in which earlier visual material is placed in a different context and merges with new images.

The work departs from the notion that one world can simultaneously accomodate different realities and perspectives. The protagonist, Atlantic Transformer, van manifest at different locations at the same time.

Landvreugd actively searches for the ‘in-between space’ – a reality that accepts a holistic understanding where the spiritual and tangible world are not the only realities to play a role but where there are several mental layers in-between.

It is a notion and necessity to give room to multiple dimensions that define how a world view is created.

With the assumption that migration is the central issue of the 21st century, movt nr. 9: Fitting a circle into a square projects a social-cultural unity towards the future.

images by: Elsemarijn Bruys, Thomas Nondh Jansen and Charl Landvreugd

Exhibition design: Studio L A

Powered by Mondriaan Fonds

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