movt nr. 8: Destination Inner Space

Commissioned by WORM for Afrofuturism Now! Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2015

Performance – character, albert heyn shopping bag, car light, camera

Installation– 5 screen video, smoke, mirror ball, soundtrack

Review by Viktor Evink:

The installation consisted of three walls, divided into five areas to which short fragments of moving imagery was projected. The fragments – a drivethrough through the Gotthard tunnel, a street in Amsterdam, an excavatoin site in Suriname – all showed aspects of spatially distant memories and connections that are common to the experience of people from the African diaspora in Europe, afro-caribbeans as well as several generations of African immigrants, many of whom have lived in different countries and have family all over the world. From this starting point he also hinted to an extension of afrofuturism into a diverse, multi-perspective futurism in which these multiple delocalised social and family relationships will increadingly be part of everyone’s reality. (source:


Landvreugd_performance_1 Landvreugd_performance_2 Landvreugd_performance_3

Images by Florian Cramer


Charl Landvreugd’s Movement Nr 8: Destination Inner Space looks at a future vision of art in which a black body can talk about humanity in general, not just ethnicity. He says that he is from Rotterdam and the city is his home, but he has multiple homes, as with increasingly more people, regardless of ethnicity, impacted by migration. “Through the black body I’m trying to give a glimpse of us in the future.” in We need Afrofuturism more than ever – Dazed


Installation view movt nr. 8: Destination Inner Space


Videos by Mark Werner Molenaar

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