movt nr. 8: Robby

Commissioned by Moengo Triennial, Moengo Suriname, 2015

Photographic installation

“A series of photographs and one mirror form the contribution of Charl Landvreugd to ‘Tembe fu libi’. From left to right the images become more abstract, blurry even. In the first picture one can see the artist himself, standing still in an open space, the opening to the outside almost inviting but also half closed by a gate. The picture next to this one is rotated 90 degrees. It shows a man lying on an uncomfortable outdoors bench. Beneath that picture is one of a vase and a chandelier, upside-down. The story these pictures are telling is getting stranger, more incomprehensible and also: more detached. Maybe this story doesn’t need to be understood. In the middle is a mirror but it hangs too high to even reflect on one’s one reflection.” (source Africanah:



movt nr 8 Robby_1
movt nr. 8: Robby – Requiem for my Father


12 09 15 - De Ware Tijd, Suriname
12 09 15 – De Ware Tijd, Suriname

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