Movt nr. 1: Anarusha

size: 9 sculptures – largest: 78x78x66 cm, smallest: 49x35x33 cm

materials: ceramic, geode / lava / rocksalt, swarovski, glass, feathers, hair, lace, nails, sequence, felt , gold leaf

context: Anarusha; “to propel” in kiswahili’. Anaruka; ‘to fly’ in kiswahili nr.1 to 9′, made in New York City. Special thanks to Chashama

download: Anarusha PDF


Anaruka 1 (held in private collection)

There is no Looking Glass Here: Wide Sargasso Sea Re-Imagined
Deutsche Bank Catalogue – Essay ‘Another Side’ p.8 – by Kimberly Gant

“Originally from Suriname (a former Dutch colony), Landvreugd grew up in the Netherlands. His work …, combines variations of cultures and religions together, while also addressing the notion of African people as exotic and extreme.
Anaruka is very ornate and decorative; a bust covered in glossy black lacquer paint, with large geode crystals emanating from the back of the skull and mounds of various hair types and jewelry surrounding the base. By taking an historical European art form and embellishing it, Landvreugd “creol-izes” it, making his bust a personal hybrid.
Entitled Anaruka (“to fly” in Swahili) and part of a larger series Anarusha (“to propel” in Swahili), Landvreugd uses an aspect of the traditional religion of Surinamese Creoles. …
Landvreugd’s Anaruka is an air spirit. Which takes a person’s soul to the ultimate Creator on the movements of the wind an is a representation of freeing [one]self”


Anaruka 2 (held in private collection)
Anaruka 3 (held in private collection)
Anaruka 5 (held in private collection)
Anaruka 4 (held in private collection)
Anaruka 6 (held in private collection)
Anaruka 7
Anaruka 8 (held in private collection)
Anaruka 9 (held in private collection)

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